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Rodrigues International Kite Surf festival 2014 - 25 to 29 June


The Rodrigues KiteSurfing Association is very pleased to present you the Rodrigues International Kite Surf Festival 2014, the unique concept of a fun Kite surf event to be held for the second time in Rodrigues.​

Kite Festival allows riders to kite on the best spots in south of Rodrigues Island (among the best in the world) and discover among the most beautiful lagoons. Kite Festival Rodrigues will be opened to all level of kiters! You do not need to be a champion to participate: anyone with average kiting skills will enjoy these unforgettable down winders.

This year 2014, we will invite amateurs and professionals to take part in this grandiose event: all riders will have the exclusive opportunity to kite next to pro. A detailed briefing with photographs and journalists will describe the different routes that will be kited.​

Basic safety systems will be explained to maximize the fun factor. A team of local riders will also be part of the event and they will be guiding the whole “train” of kiters to the right places. A boat will also follow the down winders and will be used as safety and transport for photographers. 

The Festival Kite surf is formatted as a competition at Mourouk beach. The riders and participants that enjoy competing will have the opportunity to measure their skills against their fellow riders in a friendly format of racing and freestyle. Here the pros will be of great help in assessing the best riders as they will only ride for demonstrations of their superior skills. This weekend will be very high in color and good humor, and anyone can come to enjoy the spectacle. We will end with a Beach Party at Mourouk.

This Kite Festival is an event created and organized by the Rodrigues Kitesurf Association with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Rodrigues Regional Assembly and the sponsors.


Nico Kux, Kiteival’s Technical Director will be invited for this project as jury and technical advizor 

Even if the Preliminary Program is established, it is important to note that stage​ dates and planning of the week (Planning of the kite festival’s Week) can be adjusted​ according to local coastal weather forecast and conditions. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee reserves the right, without notice, to re-format the event, change the dates and/or cancel stages according to weather conditions, for security reasons, or any other matters arriving beyond its control.

The final planning will be communicated to all participants at time of first briefing 25 June 2014 and final registration is on the 24th April 2014.

Riding conditions may vary on the different coasts according to anticyclone’s position which will influence wind direction and strength. The Organizing Committee wants to take full advantage of the weather conditions in order to offer perfect conditions to participants during the different stages.

Entry fee:​
Per participant to the festival: Euros 150*​
Per participant to the festival: Euros 100* local

Entry fee includes: Kite Festival souvenir T-shirt,  wearing number, a BBQ , a non-alcoholic drink ,a souvenir and access to parties.

Entry fee excludes accommodation (including dinner) and airfare.​

*A maximum of 100 participants will be enrolled and the fare will be tripled if payment is made after 01 June 2013.

Important Notice:​​
For entry to Kite festival, the following minimum riding skills are required from the 

1) Riding upwind easily​
2) Riding among numerous other Kiters​
3) Knowledge of priority rules.

Conditions apply:

1. Any rider stating higher skill level than actual and thereby being a hazard to other​ will be eliminated
    2. The eliminated participant will not be refunded.​

    3. The Organizing Committee can also prevent any participant to take part to any of the stage and cancel or postpone any event      for security reasons.​
4. Participants should have own insurance cover.​
5.The organizing committee will not be responsible for any irresponsible act, “prise de risque” and disrespect security policy.​
6. Participant should duly signed the discharge form before beginning of festival​.
7.The organizing committee will not be responsible for any damage or loss equipment during the festival.

Special Rates for the selected Hotels and Guests House will be applied.

Enquiries and booking: See lodging page


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